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Bosch 100% New Starters

All new parts for longest life

These 100% New Starters are identical or more advanced in fit and performance than the original equipment parts they replace.

Key Features

Professional Preferred 100% New Starters withstand the harshest environments for the best performance and longest life.


High heat engine conditions place an extreme burden on every starter component, from the castings, right down to the nuts and bolts. 100% new means that none of the components in these Bosch Professional Preferred Starters has ever been exposed to these harsh conditions. Bosch Professional Preferred 100% New Starters are built specifically to withstand the harshest environments and are designed to be identical to or more advanced in fit and performance than original equipment starters. With Bosch new starters, you're getting the latest manufacturing technology, maximum performance and the longest performance life.


Technical Details

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100% New Starters


100% New Starters


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