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The most complete line of high performance ignition parts.

Bosch supplied the world's first high-voltage ignition system in 1902 and has long been known for premium quality European ignition parts. Bosch also offers an equally superior line of ignition products for Asian cars and light trucks. These Bosch quality components are produced in Japan to exacting worldwide specifications and meet or exceed all original equipment manufacturers requirements. And all Bosch ignition components are designed to be identical in fit and performance to the original equipment parts they replace.


With a large range of OE products, you can be confident with Bosch ignition coils. The ignition coil provides the high voltage energy to allow the spark plug(s) to provide the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.


Bosch distributor caps and distributor rotors are made from top quality materials throughout to ensure high performance and long product life.


Bosch Ignition Coils


Bosch Distributor Caps


Bosch Distributor Rotors

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Ignition Parts


Ignition Parts


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