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Premium Oxygen Sensors

For precise performance over a long service life

Key Features
Standard narrow band type Oxygen Sensors operate between 0 and 1 volts, and are only capable of accurately measuring a stoichiometric air/fuel ratio (e.g. 14.7:1). A richer or leaner condition results in an abrupt voltage change and is only useful for qualitative determination. Modern automobiles use "switch" like sensing at idle and part throttle to make small compensations in fuel delivery to keep the air/fuel ratio near 14.7:1.
Switching Sensor Signal Chart 
Technical Details

PDFBoschTips_faultyO2.pdf (1MB)

Bosch Tips - Detecting Oxygen Sensors Faults

PDFConnectSystem.pdf (573K)

Posi-Lock Connector System

PDFEmissions.pdf (529K)

Emissions Charts

PDFO2_TechInfo_Intervals.pdf (493K)

Recommended Check/Replace Intervals

PDFO2InstallGDWEB09.pdf (665K)

Installation Guide

PDFO2SensorFaces.pdf (550K)

Damaged Oxygen Sensors

PDFPlanarSensor.pdf (524K)

Planar Sensor Diagram

PDFThimble.pdf (529K)

Thimble Sensor Diagram

PDFwidebandsensor.pdf (564K)

Wideband Sensor Diagram


Download the Oxygen Sensor Consumer Brochure for additional information:


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Premium Oxygen Sensors


Premium Oxygen Sensors


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