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Bosch Excel+ Wiper Blades

Bosch Excel+

Longer, quieter all-season performance

Key Features
Advanced dual rubber technology for a cleaner wipe and longer life.
Bosch Excel+ Wiper Blades clean windshields better and last longer than ever before. This ultra performance windshield wiper blade features a specially blended rubber compound with exclusive metal tension springs, housed in an aerodynamic all-steel OE frame design. The result is windshield wiper blades with less streaking and unmatched resistance to wear from weather and corrosive elements. And with the exclusive Bosch DirectConnect™ one-step system, installation is quick and easy.


Refer to this page to view step-by-step wiper blade installation instructions.

Technical Details

PDFDirectConnect.pdf (607K)

DirectConnect Adapter System

PDFSteelTech.pdf (857K)

Tension Spring Technology

PDFWiperAging.pdf (695K)

View Wiper Aging


Download printable PDFs of literature and brochures here.


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Excel+ Wiper Blades


Excel+ Wiper Blades


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